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Good and manufacture of all aluminum profiles

Alumetal is one of the most famous materials used in the manufacture of kitchen, windows and doors. Alumetal is characterized by hardness and strength. We offer you the shapes and colors of kitchens and the latest photos of the kitchens of Almontal for this year.

Our Services

Kitchen, door & window catalogs

A wide range of types and forms of Alumital kitchens and designs for a new group, we know the importance of the kitchen wheel in your home, which is one of the basics to arrange your kitchen simple, and put tools and kitchen pieces, and every small space is very important to accommodate your tools, but that means there are a lot of ways that can be done To take advantage of every place in your kitchen, you have a collection of photos for modern alumetal kitchens and modern kitchens

The Catalogs

Our Designs

Shapes and colors of our designs Almotal new and modern modern about the old and old and this is a great choice and very useful for your choice for us we have the advantages of Alumital, including strength and hardness and the most beautiful and wonderful designs of all kinds

about us

Our factory is led by experienced and skilled workers who are able to simulate the global market and meet the needs of the market and consumers. We have the ambition and the enthusiasm to provide the best designs for kitchens, kitchens and windows .... and others with modern ideas and modern technologies compatible with all places for individuals and companies at nominal prices at your disposal to enable you to upgrade your places in all aluminum sectors with the latest designs wonderful

Our Location On The Map

26th of July Street - Down Town - Cairo


Alumetal is one of the most famous materials used in the manufacture of doors, windows, kitchens and decorations all systems and technology for all areas large and small Alumetal is characterized by strength and hardness, so our factory offers you the latest forms and colors with modern designs from suppliers or classic to fit your home - your company - your hotel - your place ... wherever you are

Our Services



We create a stunning and modern Alumital decorations for you or your business in a beautiful image that satisfies all customers.


Aluminum Kitchens

We offer you the best design that distinguishes you from others. Our plan includes everything you need from unique designs to make your kitchen a complete and wonderful one


Alumetal doors

We set up the doors of the Himalayat tractor and fixed with a wonderful design for your home or business so that it is ready in a beautiful image


Aluminum windows

We use the latest and best technology to give you the best design that distinguishes you from anyone, no matter what your area of activity. Our plan includes all the distinctive designs you need to be there always in the outbound


Some of our distinctive

Shapes and colors Alumital new and modern kitchens for 2018 new designs and different from the usual and old kitchens and this is a great choice and very useful for choosing the kitchen advantages Alumetal kitchens strength and hardness and the most beautiful designs and the most beautiful pictures of kitchens Montal Modern